Scruffs Switchback Sb-P Men’s Safety Boots Review

Scruffs Switchback Sb-P Men's Safety Boots Review

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If you are wanting to find a more reasonably priced, simple pair of safety boots, there is good reason to be interested in these Scruffs Switchback Sb-P safety boots They are not overrun with safety features and waterproofing, but what they do have is mindful construction, comfortable design and the right balance between stylish, functionality and comfort. As a simple safety boot they will look great on site and off.

About Scruffs Work wear

Although Scruffs is a relatively new company, this has not stopped it going from strength to strength since 2003. They have always delivered when it came to innovation and safety in work wear and these Switchback safety boots are no exception.

Scruffs take pride in creating boot designs that trades people will want to wear and understand the need to not only have functional and protective footwear but that you want to look smart and professional. Their boots do this, which is what makes them a brand deserving of the attention they garner.

Safety Features

These Scruffs boots have the standard safety feature of steel toe and a lightweight composite mid-sole protector to keep your feet safe from any sharp debris or loose fixings. They also feature what Scruffs refer to as the “heel control” sole design and a SRA rated slip resistant sole. Aside from these important safety features, the boots have been constructed in a very mindful way.
Steel toe

Waterproofing And Insulation

They are as waterproofed as a normal pair of leather boots are, so I wouldn’t take any chances wearing them if you know your feet are going to be submerged for hours in heavy rain or deep puddles.


Scruffs know that comfort is important which is why the sports cushioned inner is a must if you are looking for a boot that will look after your feet and will feel good after hours of standing up working. Along with the cushioned inner sole, they also have a padded collar and tongue to give your legs and feet an extra bit of comfort.


Another thing that Scruffs know is how to make a pair of safety boots look anything but “just functional” The brown and yellow (tan) colour choices are things of beauty for your hard working feet and are not only smart, but also could be mistaken for a casual pair of boots.

Customer Opinion

Before deciding whether to purchase these Scruffs safety boots based on the above information, it is always worth looking to customer reviews to get a fuller picture of what you might be investing in. Looking at the rating the boots were awarded on Amazon, 4.4 out of 5 stars, it’s clear that although there have definitely been some customers who were not so convinced at their value, the majority have been more than happy with them.

Around 61 out out of the 88 that reviewed the boots awarded them with the full 5 star rating and when you look closer at the actual comments the word that gets mentioned from one review to the next is comfortable. The general consensus above all other lines of thought therefore is that the Scruffs Switchback safety boots are very comfortable and kind to your hard working feet.

>> Latest Price for the Scruffs Switchback Sb-P, Men’s Safety Boots <<


I think everything has been said about these boots that needs to be said. They are not a perfect safety boot and are not an all bells and whistles type either. However, if you are looking for a pair of safety boots that will adequately protect you in normal working environments while also ensuring that your feet remain comfortable, regardless of how many hours a day you are upright and working, these shoes are definitely worth considering.