Dickies Unisex-Adult Severn S3 Safety Boots Review

Dickies Unisex-Adult Severn S3 Safety Boots

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This review will appeal to female workers who have been looking for a reasonably priced pair of safety work boots. Look no further than the second Dickies boots we have reviewed for this site, the Dickies Unisex-Adult Severn S3. Dickies have used their years of experience to construct a pair of boots that are suitable for various professions and now for various foot sizes and shapes.

About Dickies

Dickies has been in the business of making work wear since 1992. Throughout the years since then, they have grown from being just a local serving company to a global giant of a brand and are known not only for their innovative products but for their attention to detail when it comes to customer service.

Safety Features

Dickies have spared no expense and used their ingenuity to try and put as many safety features into this pair of boots as possible, while still charging a relatively low price, considering what you get. Along with the expected steel toe cap and steel mid-sole, the boots also give you protection against 200 joules of electricity and feature a shock absorbent heel. They also have a dual density sole and a slip resistant under-sole, to ensure you always have stability.

Waterproofing And Insulation

If you are looking for boots to protect you from watery environments and changeable weather, these might be what you are looking for because while they are not classified as waterproof, they have been constructed and covered with water repellent leather. It may not be the best pair of boots to wear if you are going to be submerged in water for a long time, but they will help keep your feet dry and warm.


Dickies are known for manufacturing boots that are as comfortable as they are safe and these are no exception. Aside from the comfortable fit and the soft innersole, they also feature a padded collar and tongue, which helps your feet sit snugly inside them without feeling restricted or chaffed.


They are very good looking boots, but the only downside is that they do not come in a variety of different colours. Still, the black they are available in looks smart and rugged and would suit a woman as much as they would suit a man.

Customer Opinion

Despite over 100 people leaving reviews for these boots and a clear majority of 61 awarding them the full 5 stars, they still only have an average score of 4 out of 5 on Amazon. When you look at the reviews in greater detail you do see some disagreement over the quality, but the positive reviews all say the same thing – they are a very solid pair of boots but also very comfortable.

Some of the negative comments, when you consider the amount of positive comments there are, could be down to those customers being unfortunate enough to get a dodgy product. However, when looking at them overall, 4 out of 5 is not too bad compared to poorer rated boots.

>> Latest Price for the Dickies Severn S3 Safety Boots <<


Unlike the other Dickies boots reviewed on this site, these are especially important as they are completely unisex so will suit both male and female wearers. So if you are looking for a reliable, strong, but comfortable pair of boots that will help you carry out your work without any problems, you should give serious thought to purchasing the Dickies Unisex-Adult Severn S3 safety boots.