Dickies Men’s Fury S1-P Safety Boots Review

Dickies Men's Fury S1-P Safety Boots Review

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When it comes to looking for the right pair of safety boots, it will often involve not only the safety features, level of comfort they provide and fit, but also the price. While you shouldn’t have to put a price on safety, your budget might not allow for buying one of the pricier brands of safety boots. This is why a product like Dickies Men’s Fury S1-P safety boots are popular. They offer protection and a great feel for a lower mark-up than their rivals.

About Dickies

Dickies has been in the business of making work wear since 1992. Throughout the years since then, they have grown from being just a local serving company to a global giant of a brand and are known not only for their innovative products but for their attention to detail when it comes to customer service.

Safety Features

For the price you would pay for these neat safety boots you get a nice array of simple, but important safety features. There is a steep toe cap and steel mid-sole that gives you underfoot protection against loose nails and various other dangerous hazards. The Fury S1-P also have antistatic properties, shock absorbent heel and a dual density sole.

Waterproofing And Insulation

Aside from having outer and upper parts of the show constructed from leather, they are not any less or more waterproof than an average pair of boots. Well, that’s not quite accurate, probably more so, but not really enough to refer to them as a waterproof boot.


Dickies have always understood the need for workers to feel comfortable to get the highest level of productivity out of them and with the Fury SP-1 they have really proven that attention to their customers wants and needs. When you consider how inexpensive these boots are, it is fair to marvel at just how comfortable they actually are.


Dickies have ensured that their Fury SP-1 boots are as smart as you could ever want a rugged pair of work boots to be. They are available in two attractive but subtle finishes – black and oiled black (the oiled black is a bit shinier while the plain black is more matte). They have a really clean look to them that will ensure you always look good when you are on site and off-site.

Customer Opinion

Before we give our final summary, it is worth consulting with customers and their opinions based on actually buying, owning and wearing these shoes. Particularly if you have no intention going to your local work outfitters store, you need to read reviews to understand what kind of a deal you are putting your money into. While these particular boots only scored 4.3 out of 5 stars, across 181 reviews, it should be noted that a clear majority of people liked them enough to award them the full 5 stars.

The customers that were happy with these boots stated that yes they were inexpensive but as they have been manufactured to a reasonably high standard, feature steel toe caps and numerous other safety features, they are worth giving serious thought to.

>> Latest Price for Dickies Men’s Fury S1-P Safety Boots <<


Although generally people will spend upwards of £100 on safety footwear, it is possible to find pairs of safety boots that give as good value for money at a lower price and do the job they were intended to do, really well. These Dickies Fury SP-1 boots are a great example of this. They not only offer great safety features, comfort, a choice of two colours but also a great fitting show at an ultra low price.