DeWalt Apprentice Men’s Safety Boots Review

DeWalt Apprentice Men's Safety Boots Review

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Although it doesn’t always have to be a named brand that you opt for when choosing a piece of work clothing like safety boots, it can ensure you get great value for money from a source you can trust. If you have a more flexible and larger budget, then the DeWALT Apprentice safety boots may be ideal for you. Before we look at what they have to offer, we will first look at makes DeWalt stand out as a world leading company.

About DeWalt

DeWalt began life in 1922 when Raymond DeWalt perfected, while working as the superintendent of Seabrook Farms, the first woodworking machine that increased versatility and productivity. Through the years they have added and enhanced their catalogue of power tools, construction equipment and clothing to become the global giants that are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. The same can be said regarding their manufacturing of protective safety clothing and footwear

Safety Features

The DeWalt Apprentice, as you would hope for the price range, are not short on a few useful safety features. They are resistant, for instance, to electricity of up to 200 Joules, which is ideal if you are working with electrical charges and loose cables a lot. They are also resistant against oil and chemicals, which is ideal if you work in a busy warehouse, building site or factory. Another great safety feature of the Apprentice, is that they can resist heat of up to 300cc, so if you are working in warm temperatures or close to flames and hot materials, these boots will keep you safe.

Waterproofing And Insulation

One of the downsides to these boots, especially if you are going to be working in all weather conditions or in a workplace that involves a lot of water, they are not waterproof beyond what a normal pair of safety boots are.


It is important, as we have mentioned numerous times throughout this website, that safety shows not only provide you with protection and stability but also comfort. Judging by what customers have said regarding the DeWalt Apprentice boots, they do just that. Whether working in a factory or as a gardener, these boots will keep you comfortable regardless of how many hours you are on your feet working.


These boots are very nice to look at and will not look out of place on a building site or in a factory. They have a very rugged look and feel to them and come in 3 different colours – wheat, honey and brown.

Customer Opinion

As these are a much more popular pair of boots, there has been a larger number of reviews left discussing them on Amazon. Of the 247 people who reviewed them so far, The clear majority of 167 people thought they were good enough to warrant a 5 star rating. As you’d expect from a review of a DeWalt product, durability and comfort are mentioned time and time again by customers as the main things they love about these boots.

People also commented on the fact that for the price you pay, which is by no means the lowest price highlighted on this website, they still considered the boots to be very high value for money.

>> Latest Price for the DeWalt Apprentice Men’s Safety Boots <<


If you are looking to make an investment on a pair of safety boots for your day to day work and want to go with a brand you know you can trust, you should consider these DeWalt Apprentice. They do not offer waterproofing but they offer in its place, heat resistance, electricity resistant and oil/chemicals resistance. So if you work environments with those kinds of hazards, you know the boots you should look at.