Best Waterproof Safety Boots

best waterproof safety bootsThere is nothing worse and more uncomfortable than when you are trying to work when your feet are cold and wet. If it is cold, this discomfort can be debilitating. It is therefore important to invest in a good pair of waterproof safety work boots for these situations. Boots that are robust, supportive and able to keep your feet dry and warm. So what makes waterproofing so important and what if anything is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

The Difference Between Waterproof And Water Resistant

Boots that claim to keep water and moisture away from feet are covered in a special film. However, a boot that is just water resistant will only repel the water and slow it down so it takes longer for it to be absorbed by the boot, while a waterproof boot will soak up any of the water whatsoever.

How To Tell Waterproof And Water Resistant Boots Apart

Obviously, if you need protection from the elements, water in particular for work, you will want properly waterproof safety boots rather than those just water resistant. Most boots are marked up as one or the other. However, if they aren’t you should still find it quite easy to tell one from the other. Waterproof boots are generally made from a vinyl or rubber material or have a shiny stopping over the leather material.

Check The IP Rating

Both waterproof and water resistant boots are given an IP Rating based on the level of protection they offer against water. You can use this to work out the boots that are best suited to the work you will be doing. The lowest waterproof rating is IPX-0, which means a boot doesn’t offer any water protection, while the highest rating is IPX-8, which means you would be able to completely submerge your boot in water and your foot will not get wet.

Now that you understand a bit better about what makes waterproof boots waterproof and why they are important, you will find some reviews of some great waterproof boots below.

DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots

DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety BootsDeWALT are a very popular brand when it comes to work wear and accessories. They are popular for very good reasons. They understand the needs of their customers and make products to meet those needs. These Titanium safety boots are no exception.

Safety Features

They have a steel mid-sole and toe cap and although you may be aware it’s there, it’s not particularly uncomfortable. The antibacterial foot bed is a nice addition as it means you are protected against any build up of moisture inside the boot.

Waterproofing And Insulation

These boots are exceptional at keeping your feet dry, even in very wet situations. They also provide you with a reasonable amount of insulation when the temperatures drop low.


Safety boots always require a bit of wear before they feel just right, but surprisingly straight out the box these almost feel like slippers. You will feel a little tightness at first, but once you have worn them for a few weeks, that will disappear.


DeWALT have made these boots to last an extremely long time, consulting the reviews on Amazon, you will see most customers have had no problems with them in terms of them standing the test of time and being worn regularly.

Customers Opinions

Looking at the customer reviews it’s clear to see that most people who bought and left reviews have had a positive experience. The boots scored an average of 4.7 out of 5 across 119 reviews with over 90 giving them the full 5 stars. Customers seem to appreciate most the level of comfort the boots give.

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Dickies Unisex-Adult Medway S3 Safety Boots

Dickies Unisex-Adult Medway S3 Safety BootsDickies are known for manufacturing precision, high quality boots and the Medway S3 are a good choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced pair of boots that will protect your feet from the rain and wet conditions.

Safety Features

The Medway S3 boots come with a steel mid-sole and steel toe cap so not only are your toes protected but so too is your underfoot from loose screw and other fixings. Additionally they also feature an energy absorbent and anti-static heel.

Waterproofing And Insulation

When it comes to waterproofing, Dickies have ensured that not only is the outside waterproof but that the Medway S3’s have a internal water resistant membrane, to protect you if water does make it through the outside layers.


There have been some comments by customers regarding the way these particular boots fit, but apart from that they appear to be very comfortable boots and as you will see from above, they keep your feet warm and dry.


They may not be the most comfortable boots available, but they are definitely designed with durability in mind. You are likely to get a good few years use out of these before they show signs of wearing out.

Customer Opinion

Although the boots only scored 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, they are still worth considering when you take into account out of over 110 reviews around 72 people gave them the full 5 star rating. Customers were most happy with the waterproofing element of the boots.

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Waterproof Leather Steel Toe Safety Boots by Wood World

Waterproof Leather Steel Toe Safety Boots by Wood WorldThese boots by Wood World may not be as fancy or have as popular a branding, but as a reasonably priced budget pair of waterproof boots they may be right the right choice for you if you are not looking to spend too much.

Safety Features

Similar to most on this page, they come with a full steel mid-sole and steel toe cap to protect from bumps, things falling and stepping on sharp things. They also feature rubber toe and heel bumpers for extra protection and non-slip heels and soles, also anti-slip and acid and oil resistant.

Waterproofing And Insulation

These boots are fully waterproofed and feature a HyDry membrane which will help your feet to breathe comfortably regardless of the temperature.


Judging by the customer reviews, despite their seemingly low price, these Wood World boots are very comfortable and surprisingly light despite the steel elements.


It is hard to judge durability, but based on at least one customer who has worn them for over 3 months with no issues of wear and tear, for their reasonable price you are likely to get good value for money from them.

Customer Opinion

For a relatively smaller and lesser known brand, the customer opinion of these functional boots is quite high. Scoring 4.6 out of 5 across 39 reviews with 30 scoring them the full 5 stars is testimony to that fact. The level of comfort, waterproofing and the price are the things customers like most about these boots.

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Amblers FS430 Orca S3 Waterproof Safety Work Boots

Amblers FS430 Orca S3 Waterproof Safety Work BootsThe final pair of waterproof safety boots we want to discuss are the Amblers FS430 Orca S3. Another name who are perhaps not as widely known as the bigger manufacturers, but do produce fine, protective safety boots.

Safety Features

These boots come with a very effective outer sole grip, perfect for any situation and condition as they are not only slip resistant but also fuel and oil resistant too and will protect against static electricity. Although they don’t have steel toes, they are still built to be rugged and will provide adequate protection.

Waterproofing And Insulation

The FS430 Orca S3 feature a very effective waterproofing, apart from the top of the boot, so you may need to be careful when your feet are submerged in water.


Despite their rigidity and their cumbersome feel at times, the boots are surprisingly comfortable. One customer on Amazon commented that they stay firmly in one place without causing discomfort,s so if your work involves standing in one position for a long time, these might suit you.


Most customers, with a few exceptions, were happy enough with how well the boots handled regular wear and that even in cold and wet conditions repeatedly they still remained in one piece.

Customer Opinion

It may be hard to judge a pair of boots with only 19 reviews in total, but as they scored 4.4 out of 5 and the majority gave them the full 5 stars. The waterproof element to these boots as well as the comfort and sturdiness they provide are the things customers praised the most.

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