Best Safety Boots for Women

best safety boots for womenWith more women now than ever before entering into the engineering and construction industries, and as the stricter focused on safety and health concerns across the majority of employment sectors, there has been an increase in the demand and in the supply safety boots designed with women in mind.

In order for safety footwear to do its job effectively and benefit the wearer, they have to fit the wearer as well as they can. In the past, female employees had to choose the male safety boot that was in a size closest to their own. This causes problems as there may be extra movement within the boots and as a result, reduced safety benefits. There are some very fundamental differences though between women and men’s foot shapes.

Not Just Foot Size, Foot Shape

Following on from the above, safety boots for women not only have to fit their sizes, but also their foot shapes. Take for example the relationship between the forefoot and heel, it is different on a man’s foot to how it is on a woman’s foot. Women tend to have narrower heels in conjunction to the circumference of the ball of the foot. Safety boots that have been designed for women not only fit better but last longer.

Now that you understand a little about the difference and why it’s important for women to have safety boots that were designed with them in mind, we will look at what we feel are the four best safety boots for women, available at the moment.

Blackrock SF02, Unisex-Adults’ Safety Shoes

Blackrock SF02 Unisex Safety Boots

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Blackrock are a brand well known for producing high quality, robust and comfortable safety boots at reasonable prices compared to some of their rivals. These SF02 are not primarily made with women in mind, but are unisex in their size and shape, meaning that if you are wanting a woman’s boot and don’t want to break the bank, this is a pair you should consider.

They include many of the special features you’d expect for this kind of boot, so there is no skipping on safety to make them fit different shapes and sizes better. With a padded collar, steel toe cap and protective steel mid-sole, they are a great choice for general factory and construction scenarios.

They are also very comfortable and if you base your decision on customer reviews, you will be pleasantly surprised as this reasonable pair of boots has scored an average of 4.3 out of 5 by over 970 customers.

Ladies Ottawa Safety Steel Toecap Work Trainer Boot Womens Shoes Northwest Territory

Ladies Ottawa Safety Steel Toecap Boots

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The first pair of work shoes designed for women and women alone on this page is this pair of safety steel toe cap trainers. They have been crafted to a high standard with some excellent features.

Primarily the thing worth mentioning about this pair of safety shoes is just how comfortable they are with leather suede uppers and a safety toe cap, they are also very safe as well. Manufactured with use in dangerous environments in mind these shoes also come with EVA shock absorbent insole and oil resistance.

Scoring 8.3 out of 5 over 84 reviews may not be the best numbers but when you consider 50 people awarded it the full 5 stars and 18 awarded it 4 stars, it’s clear to see these shoes are worth considering. As well as the safety features and level of comfort they provide, they apparently also fit very well and as you can see by the picture, look great too.

Ladies Women’s Safety Leather Steel Toe Hiking Ankle Boots

Ladies Women's Safety Leather Steel Toe Hiking Ankle Boots

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Even in a factory or on a building site, women want and deserve to look their best, as well as being protected from various hazards. This is why we selected this pair of shoes to speak about next. Not only will they provide adequate safety for a woman, they gave been designed with women in mind from the construction all the way up to how good they look on the outside.

With a robust and durable leather upper, a safety toe cap, oil resistance, slip out-sole resistance, shock absorption and antistatic properties they also come in a fetching black and pink colour combination.

What did customers think about this particular safety shoes? Well the shoes scored 4.4 out of 5, which is not too bad when you look closer and see that only 37 submitted reviews and 22 awarded it the full 5 stars. As well as the way they look and the affordable price tag, the main thing that stands out from the sea of reviews is that they are very comfortable and take very little time to break-in.

Timberland Brown Euro Hiker 2G Safety Boot

Timberland Brown Euro Hiker 2G Safety Boot

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Timberland is one of the biggest manufacturers of work wear and footwear in the world. The Timberland label commands instant respect as anyone who has worn a pair of Timberland safety boots will tell you – they make great work footwear.

Although they are slightly higher than most on this page in the price department, they are still great value for money as they have been made to a high standard. They include many of the normal features such as both a steel mid-sole and toe cap.

Best way to get a good idea of whether they are worth the money or not is by looking at the customers opinions of those who have actually bought them and worn them. With only 17 reviews, compared to other products and a rating of 4.3 out of 5, it is worth taking a closer look at some of the reviews.

The majority of reviewers who left glowing reviews for these boots highlighted not just the pretty colouring, but the fact that they are very comfortable.