Best Safety Boots For Comfort

comfortable work bootsAlthough what a long day of work may mean for you personally will be different to what it means for someone else in a different profession or industry; if you spend a lot of time on your feet you will understand the importance of work boots being comfortable as well as safe.

As safety boots have to meet the standards set by the OHSA, when it comes to finding footwear for your occupation, the primary concerns are often the fit and level of comfort they provide you.

While it legally your employer’s responsibility to ensure you are wearing the right kind of clothing and footwear, all benefit when you make the right choices. Workers in comfortable shows that mean they can stand on their feet for long hours in a variety of environments means that the workforce will have good morale and are likely to perform better.

What Makes A Comfortable Boot Comfortable?

As the market for safety boots is so competitive right now, every manufacturer is trying to outdo their rivals by coming up with new and effective comfort technologies. Comfort, after all, is important throughout the day. It’s not just important to feel comfortable in your safety boots at the start of the day, but also at the end of the day too.

Boot construction plays a large part in achieving that feeling of comfort throughout the working day. Two of the most commonly used types of boot construction are the Goodyear welt and cement. While a cement construction gives a boot a certain degree of flexibility straight out of the box and onto our foot; a welt construction will conform to the shape of your foot more accurately and because the construction process is far more complex, it takes more time for it to conform completely to your foot. So a longer breaking-in/wearing-in period is required before boots made that particular way will feel comfortable.

Tips For Choosing Comfortable Safety Boots

If you are unsure what to look for in comfortable safety boots, you should of course ask your employer, as they will normally have suggestions. However, if you would like to investigate this yourself or are self-employed, consider the following when looking at safety boots:

  • Check out and evaluate the boot’s weight – are they going to be too heavy?
  • Look for boots that give your toes some room at the front
  • Work out whether the width is right or not by bending the safety boot at the ball of your foot. The boot’s toe cap should not pinch at your foot, if it does you should try on a boot a half-size bigger.
  • Ensure the fit around the heel is right – it should feel secure and snug when the boot is properly laced or pulled on.
  • Always try on brand new safety boots with a pair of work socks and walk around in the to make sure they will fit properly.

Now you know why they it is important for safety work boots to be comfortable and know what to look for in them, we will highlight what we believe are four of the most comfortable safety boots on the market.

Dr. Marten’s Work, Men’s Safety Boots

Best Safety Boots for ComfortDr. Martens is a very famous footwear brand synonymous with manufacturing shoes and boots that are not only durable and robust, but also stylish and comfortable too. It is not really surprising that along with making very popular products for outside of work, that their shoes and boots aimed at employees in various sectors and industries would also be as highly praised.

These particular work boots feature a safety toe cap and are made from leather. Although they look very plain, this is part of there charm, they are a real very comfortable pair of boots that will not let you down. You can take these straight from the box and slide your feet into them and they will feel luxuriously comfortable from the very first day of use.

Customer opinion is very important when it comes to choosing a pair of safety shoes and judging by the reviews for these Dr. Marten’s work safety boots, for the very reasonable price they retail at, they give you good value for money. 23 people out of the 26 who left reviews on Amazon awarded them the full 5 stars. Comfortable was a word that was repeatedly used throughout the positive reviews.

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DeWalt Apprentice, Men’s Safety Boots

DeWalt Apprentice, Men's Safety Boots ReviewDeWALT are known for their power tools and other construction industry accessories, and have also became known for manufacturing high quality work boots. The DeWALT Apprentice safety boots are no different.

They have been rigorously tested for roughness and have been proven to prevent your feet from feeling so much fatigue, while being extremely comfortable and durable. There are various widths and sizes available and the option for a soft, steel or composite safety toe.

The customers who left reviews regarding these particular safety boots appear to agree that the DeWALT Apprentice safety boots are very comfortable while providing the necessary level of protection you would expect.

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Wood World Men’s H1P HyDry Safety Boots

Wood World Men's H1P HyDry Safety Boots reviewWe have highlighted Wood World safety boots elsewhere on this website, and with good reason. This particular pair, known as H1P HyDry safety boots, retail at a much lower price than some of their competition, but that’s not to say they aren’t as good.

Wood Work, despite being a lesser known brand, still make high quality footwear for various industries and condition. The main selling point of these particular boots is the fact that they are very comfortable. They include a padded collar and have been built to help prevent fatigue and enable you to work harder for longer without damaging yourself.

Only a relatively small number of people have bought these boots and left reviews for them on Amazon, but of the 17 who have, 14 awarded them the full 5 stars. Their weight, durability and comfort are the aspects customers liked most about them.

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Wolverine Buchanan Mens GoreTex S3 Leather Steel Toe Safety Work Boots

Wolverine Buchanan Mens GoreTex S3 Leather Steel Toe Safety Work BootsThe last pair on this particular list are the Wolverine Buchanan Mens Goretex S3 leather steel toe safety boots. Wolverine are another great brand who specialise in very comfortable footwear that provides protection from the elements and hazards at work. This is very true of the GoreTex S3 boots.

Over 20 people left reviews for these particular boots on Amazon and a huge majority, 20, awarded it the full 5 stars. This shows clearly that they area good pair of boots for the price, with most customers agreeing that they were very comfortable from the very moment they were put on.

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