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In all work environments, safety is paramount. While for some this may just include safety procedures, for many others this means things like safety gloves, goggles, clothing and of course, the best work boots!

Safety boots are very important and if you are in the market to choose a pair you need to keep in mind that often they can do a lot more than just protect your feet from heavy things falling on them. Depending on where you work and the kind of hazards involved, you can find pairs of safety boots to protect you from anything from cold temperatures, exposed nails and slippery surfaces to electrical charges and shocks.

It’s not just the level of protection you need to consider when buying a pair of safety boots however, as you need to give thought to the level of comfort they provide too. After all, if you are standing on your feet all day (or all night, if you work unsociable hours) you want to be able to do your job without worrying about blisters, bruises or just discomfort in general and all of these are possible if you don’t have the best work boots for your job.

Though it may be common sense and easy enough to understand why you should have work safety boots, the how you actually get a decent pair can often be a lot trickier. If you have ever shopped for work boots in the past, you have probably asked yourself these questions:-

  • Should I buy a branded pair or choose the pair that best fits my budget?
  • Should I buy a pair one size below my normal shoe size or one size above?

Best Safety Boots was set-up with the specific purpose of answering those questions and others like it, as well as providing the best guide to finding the right pair of work safety boots possible, regardless of your occupation.

If you are complete new to safety boots, below you will find a guide to what we feel are the 10 most important features to look for and consider when trying to find the best work boots for you.

Waterproofing and Insulation

Although you may not be able to find boots with an industry standard of waterproofing and insulation in as wide a variety of colours and materials as other types of boots, for some work environments they are a necessity, check out our top picks. Work boots with the best amount of insulation can be worn in temperatures as cold as -30 degrees. You need to bear in mind however, the more insulation a pair of boots have, the more uncomfortable they will be to wear while working in the summertime.

Safety Toes

Most safety boots come with some form of protection for your toes. As numerous injuries have befallen poorly protected toes in the last couple of decades, boots with safety toes of some description are a legal requirement for many work environments. Nowadays there is a choice between aluminium, composite and of course, steel.

best work bootsComposite toes are normally made from either Kevlar, carbon fibre or plastic. As they are not made from metallic materials they do not conduct heat so are perfect for wearing in colder environments and can also be worn safely through metal detectors.

Aluminium toes are as strong as their steel counterparts, but have the distinct advantage of being much lighter. Similarly to steel toes though, they do conduct temperature.

Steel toes are probably the kind you are most familiar and as popular as they are, they are also the heaviest. As they conduct temperatures, they are not suitable for cold work environments.

Resistant Heel And Sole

No matter where you work, you should try to find a pair of safety boots with oil and slip resistance, as slippery surfaces are found almost everywhere.

The best work boots should also have a puncture resistance plate to protect you from nails and other sharp objects and materials. It may also be necessary, depending on where you work, to look for boots with soles resistant against acid.

You should look carefully at the heel of safety boots if your line of work involves a lot of climbing. In order to grip firmly enough on a ladder, you need to find a pair that have at least ¾ inch high heels set with a bevel of 45 degrees minimum.


People often overlook the weight of safety boots. However, it is an important factor to consider because not only are boots that are too heavy unsuitable for walking long distances or being on your feet for long periods of time in but they are also troublesome to carry on long trips. With this in mind unless you specifically need steel toe boots, you are best choosing a lighter pair.


A pair of boots durability can be affected by a number of different factors including the general quality, construction type and material. The interesting thing is that a brand name does not always indicate a pair of boots are going to be particularly durable.

By far the best way to assess the durability of work boots is by looking at online reviews, particularly those found on Amazon. Remembering of course to look at a variety of positive and negative reviews to get an idea of the whole picture.

Electrical Surge Protection

Many working environments involve working with electricity and electrical components, which can mean it is necessary to find a pair of boots with some form of electrical surge protection. The type of boots you need will depend on your specific needs. You can purchase safety boots for both static dissipation and electrical hazard use.

  • Static dissipation boots are built with a conductive insole specifically designed to stop static electricity from building up. These types of boots are normally used by people who manufacture sensitive electrical components.
  • Boots known as electrical hazard boots on the other hand are just boots that are made from materials that are completely non-conductive. Therefore, they do not contain any metallic components and are designed specifically to reduce the chances of electrocution.

How The Boots Are Made

The primary construction method for most work and safety boots involves synthetic or leather welt. For the uninitiated, a welt is a strip placed between the lower and upper sole and attached to both. For the most part, boots constructed this way are the most rugged on the mark and as a result, are also the most durable.

Direct Attached method is another type of boot construction. This involves a mould being attached to the upper section of the boot and filled with molten rubber. The molten rubber then hardens to form the sole. Boots constructed this way are generally more lightweight and comfortable and are also very good for absorbing shocks.

Cement method is another type of boot construction. This method involves a high strength, flexible adhesive being used to bond the outer sole to the boot. This is the lightest and cheapest option of the three construction types and boots made this way are known for their superior comfort value.

Additional Support

If your work involves carrying heavy objects regularly, it is worth considering boots that feature metatarsal guards. They are very similar to safety toes but offer protection for a larger area of your feet than just toes.

If you are a logger or rail-road worker though, you should be aiming to purchase safety boots with support for both your calves and ankles. Boots over 9 inches long tend to feature that kind of support.

Breaking In Period

If you need safety boots you can start wearing for work immediately you need to look at the break-in period. As these kinds of boots need to be durable and tough it does mean that they can often take as much as a month before they start to feel comfortable

Brand Name

It is important when you are looking for a pair of good quality safety boots that you don’t overlook brand name boots. While for most other products, brand names is usually more to do with personal taste and irrelevant, with safety boots it is different.

The best and most robust safety boots on the market are the ones made by the popular and firmly established manufacturers such as Timberland, Wolverine and Red Wing. Avoid parting with your cash for cheap and less well-made imitations.

Our Pick Of The 5 Best Safety Boots Available

To help get you started on your quest for the best safety boots, we have gathered together our list of the 5 best boots available at the moment.

Groundwork Steel Toe Cap Combat Tactical Safety Ankle Boots Security Military Police Boot

Groundwork Steel Toe Cap Combat Tactical Safety Ankle Boots Security Military Police Boot

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Groundwork Safety is a company who have been working in the safety shoes and boots market for over 30 years. Their products are known for their balance between comfort and durability.

The Groundwork Steel Toe Cap Combat Boots incorporates a leather upper, a safety to cap and is slip and oil resistant. The cushioned insole and padded collar and tongue make these the perfect affordable safety boots for a wide range of professions including fire officers, policemen, security officers and doormen.

Groundwork SK21 Steel Toe Cap Lace Up Safety Work Boot

Groundwork SK21 Steel Toe Cap Lace Up Safety Work Boot

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Another on our list from Groundwork. These have a specifically steel toe cap with upper made from leather. As well as the toe cap they also feature a chemical, petrol, oil and slip resistant sole. Similarly to other Groundwork boots and shoes, these have been made to balance comfort with practicality and safety and are worth considering if you work in an area or environment prone to leaks and spillages.

Warrior Lightweight Ankle Safety Boot

Warrior Lightweight Ankle Safety Boot

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Liberty has around 65 years of experience in manufacturing shoes and of that time they have 13 years within the safety shoes sector. More than just a shoe brand their Warrior line is a full range of clothes designed to ensure that businesses and workforces throughout the world are kitted out appropriately.

These Warrior ankle boots are perfect for employers from a wide range of industries thanks to the leather outer, upper material. They have been specially created to be both flexible and lightweight; while also providing the appropriate level of protection.

CAT Footwear Men’s Kaufman Hi S1P Safety Boots

CAT Footwear Men's Kaufman Hi S1P Safety Boots

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Caterpillar is a name synonymous with quality products for all types of employment. This particular pair of safety boots are best suited to light industrial places of employments and he,p to protect the wearer against safety risks outside as well as inside with a full grain leather and mesh upper and a breathable nylon mesh lining.

Blackrock Ultimate Boot Unisex-Adult SF08 Safety Boots

Blackrock Ultimate Boot Unisex-Adult SF08 Safety Boots

>> Latest Price for the Blackrock Unisex-Adult Safety Boots SF08 <<

Originally a manufacturer of brooms and brushes for a variety of different trades in 1926, Rodo went onto expand into the industrial clothing market by the 1940s. Fast forward to 2005 and Rodo were becoming recognised as the go-to company for work wear for British tradesmen and they introduced their newest safety footwear and clothing under the BlackRock label, which is distributed up and down the company.

The Ultimate boot by Blackrock is ultimate by name ultimate by what it actually gives the wearer. It is made from highly water resistant leather and features a steel mid-sole and steel toe cap for superior protection while the wide fitting fully mould-able and removable insole provides unbeatable comfort. This boot is also perfect for dealing with situations where you need shock to be absorbed, thanks to the double density PU sole.

There you have it, a brief but insightful introduction to the world of safety work boots. We hope you have found the homepage of our site interesting and helpful and hope you will look around at our other pages and posts.

We have done our best to put together the best collection of guides, reviews and other helpful information, tips and advice as we want to help make your task of finding that elusive pair of boots that is just right for you, easier.

You will, we hope, find some of our guides and reviews invaluable. Even if you don’t feel you have to, you should now be a little better equipped to look for and purchase the perfect safety boots for your work.